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About BLC
Benjamin Hur M Ed.
UC Berkeley-Math
U of Washington, M Ed.
   • Berkeley LC-Seattle/Tacoma, WA, 1999-2004
   • Berkeley LC-Gang Nam/Korea, 2004-2008
   • Berkeley LC-Irvine, CA, 2009-2014
   • Berkeley Prep-Bellevue, WA, 2015-
Many parents acknowledge that college selection is one of the most important factors for students' futures, especially in this world of rapid globalization and competition. For this reason, parents and students are targeting top colleges including IVY Leagues.

Berkeley Learning Center has established itself as a top professional institution with branches in both Korea and the US that have sent students to top boarding schools and colleges for the last decade.

Our mission is to help students contribute to their communities by becoming world leaders and succeeding in various professional fields.

Berkeley Learning Center is one of the most successful private learning institutions that have helped many Korean American and Asian students gain admittance to the nation's top ranked universities including Ivy-League schools. Supervised and managed by Director Benjamin Huh, who is a graduate of UC Berkeley, together with the teaching staffs who hold degrees from the most prestigious colleges in the U.S., Berkeley has enabled numerous students the ability to pursue their education at the highest level including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, U-Penn, Columbia and many other top institutions. Berkeley's academic programs include SSAT,SAT-I, SAT-II subjects as well as most AP-subjects to prepare our students in the most challenging environment. Berkeley also provide educational consulting service for US-college admission and US-Boarding schools with the most updated statistical data to keep the highest success rate in the admission.

Its goal is to help our younger generation get educated in the most challenging environment so that they can be the part of most influential leaders in the rapidly changing global society.
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